Why Alghais?

Alghais is Divers' Home, being a member of Alghais will allow you to be with a very active group of divers, go on weekly diving trips in Qatar, always meet new dive buddies and join the Blue Mondy event. Also, go on our boat for boat trips in Qatar. In Alghais our top priority is Divers, to be knowledgeable and with sharp skills. Whether you are taking a diving course or joining us for a trip, you will have an amazing experience every time.

Who We Are?

Alghais Diving is a fully fledged Diving center in Qatar with a knowledgeable team having more than one branch in Qatar. Offering all Diving courses such as Freediving, SCUBA Diving or Tec Diving (Technical Diving) and all the levels up to Dive Master and Instructor, A retailer of several famous brands to make your dive journey the best one.

What We Do?

Alghais Diving offers maintenance of Diving Equipment for SCUBAPRO and Xdeep as well as other brands, also gear rental in the best condition it can be. We always make sure you are getting the best gas to be breathed When you breathing from our tanks.

Our Partners


For the rich there is therapy

For the rich there is therapy. for the rest of us there is DIVING.

You are like the ocean

You are like the ocean, Pretty enough on the SURFACE, but dive down into your DEPTHS, You’ll find beauty most PEOPLE NEVER SEE.

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