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For most of us Scuba Diving is our happy place. Your Open Water Course taught you how amazing the underwater world is and that it should be respected. We know that you get different types of Scuba Divers but the following is the types you do not want to be:

The Know-it-all

This type of diver does not particularly care what anyone else says- he or she has already learned it, done it, dove it or taught it. Most of the time they will be doing their own thing while everyone is getting ready and when it is time for the dive brief he will take over or interrupt. They disregard the guidelines set out by the dive leader and shame other divers. This type of diver act as if the dive industry owes them. Don’t be this diver

The Toddler

Even though you were taught not to- touch, tease, or terrorize the marine life during your scuba courses, this type of diver chases marine life, tries to touch everything, sticks his hands in all holes and crevices and thinks riding or standing on marine life is a great photo opportunity. Don’t be this diver

don't be this type of diver

Look at the pretty venomous snake

The Lone wolf

This type of diver is every dive guide and dive masters worst nightmare, they tend to disregard the dive plan and just do whatever they want. Separating from the group to do your own thing is very disrespectful to everyone in your dive group and it puts you at risk of getting into a situation where you might need help and there is no one. Don’t be this diver

don't be this type of diver

Where is everyone?

The Drag

Okay newbies you get some slack here as you are still figuring out buoyancy but if you are an experienced diver there is none. This diver causes the dust storm and bad visibility- they are either kicking up a storm or all there accessories are acting as sand collectors. If you are this diver maybe you should do a buoyancy specialty and tuck away all those dangling accessories. Don’t be this diver

Follow he dust cloud to find the diver.

The Bragger

This type of diver can be mistaken for a know-it-all but they are more vocal on their own personal achievements. Planning a dive to Mexico next year be sure they will inform you about their trip 20 years ago. Don’t be this diver

If you are any one of the above this can be a risk to your safety and might be unpleasant for other divers around you.
When it comes to scuba diving we are never done learning and we all have our faults. 

don't be this type of diver

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