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Become a Alghais diving member

Become an Alghais Diving Member

What would you call someone that has a very active dive social life? Maybe a Social butterflyfish?  If making new friends is not that important to you, there are many other advantages of being a member, too.  We will have a look at the benefits of being an Alghais Diving Member as well as how you can become one.

Sharing the Diving passion and love

For some as a new diver, gaining experience in the water is critical and diving with more experienced divers will add to your comfort and consequently enjoyment as a result, you’ll dive more often.  Being able to Join all our GMC Reef dives for free will allow you to get more dives logged and get more comfortable under the water with the Support of all the members and staff.

If you are an experienced diver already being an Alghais Member, it will allow you to discover different Qatar dive sites with our discounted dive Prices.

sharing the passion

Education & Social Gathering

A good diver is always learning and continuing his dive education. Our annual monthly Social Gathering is filled with great presentations on topics chosen by you.  Make sure to join us at the Next Blue Monday.

blue Monday

Saving Money

Being an Alghais Diving member you have discounts on all our dive trips, boat dives, and resort dives. You have a 10% discount on all the products in the shops. You will also be notified first of all our trips and events. Something important to note we have no yearly membership fee.


Don’t have a dive buddy? Don’t let that be the reason for not joining our trips. Being a member gives you access to our Alghais members’ Whatsapp groups where you have access to 200 plus dive buddies, and we promise you will always have a great dive with lots of fun.

Opportunities to be surrounded by people with the same passion for Scuba diving and the Ocean are not found that regularly. Having us as your diving family will give you a place.


So we have mentioned all the benefits of being an Alghais Member so now we will explain;

How to Become a Member

There are two ways of becoming an Alghais Member.  The first is by doing any of our Core courses like- Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, and Dive Master with us, membership is included with the course.

The second way of becoming a member is by doing 8 dive trips with us, then you qualify as an Alghais Member.

Alghais Member benefits

  • Free GMC Reef Shore Dives
  • Discounts on all dive trips, boat dives, and Resort dives
  • 10% discount in all our shops
  • Access to the Alghais Dive WhatsApp group, where all announcements of trips are made first
  • No yearly Membership fee


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