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Are you interested in Scuba Diving?

Top 10 Reasons why you should start Scuba Diving Today.

Would you like to discover all the wonders the Sea has to offer? Become an underwater explorer yourself by doing the Open Water Course.

Here are the top 10 Reasons why you should start Scuba Diving Today:

1. Discovery of another World

With the Oceans covering more than 71% of the earth’s surface – you need to learn to Scuba dive to be

a true world explorer. 1% is assessable for normal recreational diving but this 1% will be enough for a life time’s worth of exploring.

Diver with Corals

Dive in shallow water with some corals

2. The Beauty of the Underwater world

The underwater world is full of amazing discoveries, just as the surface environment, you have various climates and ecosystems which are open for you to explore. Diving allows us to observe the sanctuaries of the depths, where the fauna and flora are like nothing you have seen before. Imagine diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Red Sea in Egypt, the Galapagos Islands, the Truk Islands in the heart of the Pacific, Silfra in Iceland, and the Cenotes in Mexico. And so many other incredible places to discover! No matter where you go in the world you will always find an underwater adventure.

Diver from underneath

Diver from underneath

3. The Divers Spirit

Diving is not just a leisure activity – it is a way of life!

Diving is more than just exploration and the adventure of jumping in. It’s about the Social connections you form with different people from around the world. Discover new cultures, new destinations and always thinking of the next dive.

It becomes your lifestyle.

4. Health and Fitness

Diving not only benefits your body but also your mental health.

A 45min dive burns between 450-550 calories depending on the conditions. This is similar to average effort cycling or a low-speed run for 45 min.

It has also been confirmed that diving has a positive impact on your mood.  It promotes mindfulness and, from a study by the University of Sheffield’s Medical School, we can now say that it also improves levels of anxiety and depression.

Diver in a pool

Ok signal during the first dive in the pool


5. The feeling of being weightless

Have you ever dreamed of flying?

Scuba diving is a good way to make your dreams come true. Underwater because of neutral buoyancy you fly over

shipwrecks and swim among schools of fish. You can go look for Nemo yourself.

6. Relaxation

When submerged, you can relax.  All you hear is the bubbles rising to the surface of the sounds of the aquatic organisms and if you are lucky maybe the singing of whales and dolphins.  Once the fear of underwater subsiding, it becomes a place to discover and, relax!

Wreck dive

two divers on a wreck

7. Expand your Knowledge

Diving means learning!

It requires you to constantly develop your knowledge and perfect your technique. You need to know your equipment and how it works, but also the physical properties of the underwater world and how it affects our physiology. You will learn about the underwater world and how fragile it is and you’ll become an ambassador of the oceans!

8. It is for Everyone

Anyone can enjoy diving!

Scuba diving is a recreational sport for everyone, young or old, male or female.

two divers

Two Divers doing their stop

9. Adapts to you

Scuba diving is one of the few activities which adapts to you and your interests. It can be strong and intense but also soothing and relaxing.  People of different ages, from different professions and cultures, come together and share the pleasure of discovering the underwater environment, all thanks to this beautiful community of divers.  You can also tailor-make the dives and courses to your interests.  Interested in the depths? – deep diving and technical might be for you. Interested in conservation? – there are specialties just for you. Diving in Qatar has it’s own unique style.

10. Opportunity to become a career

It has multiple opportunities and can become a full-time career. Start your diving in Qatar Journey to becoming a Dive Master or Instructor with Alghais Diving

Young diver in a pool

Fun dive in Banana Island

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Written by-

Ri-Cristel Bezuidenhout PADI IDC Staff Instructor/ RAID Open Water Instructor

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