Mahmoud Elmallah

General Manager

From Alexandria in Egypt with a background in Accounting and Business Administration he has been in Qatar for 13 years. His Scuba diving journey started 11 years ago after he got invited to a barbecue in the desert and ended up doing a try dive, he immediately got hooked after his first breath underwater. Since then, he decided to orient his career on Scuba Diving, his current qualifications include- DiveRAID Instructor Trainer, PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Technical Diving Instructor, Sidemount Instructor, Commercial Diver, EFR Instructor Trainer, and Freediving Instructor.  He has been part of the Alghais Diving Team from the Start.

Ahmed Elrefaey

Diving Instructor

From Egypt he grew up next to the Sea and has been in love with the freedom it offers, he has been in the diving world since 2005. Since 2016 he has been calling Qatar home and is a very important part of the operation. He fixes almost anything and is in charge of the training. He is a RAID Master Instructor and PADI IDC STAFF Instructor, EFR Instructor, and loves wrecks.  And sometimes he does a bit off tec diving.

Ri-Cristel Bezuidenhout

Diving Instructor

From South Africa, with a background in Social media, she has been in Qatar since 2018.  She has been drawn to diving and the adventures it offers since a young age and became an instructor in 2017. She is currently a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, RAID Open Water Instructor, and EFR Instructor.  She manages our dive center on Banana Island.

Nirosh Amath

Marketing Coordinator

From Srilanka, Nirosh has been calling Qatar home for the last 12 years. He recently joined the team as Marketing coordinator after deciding to change to something that brings him closer to nature.  His diving Journey is just at its starting point

Rafaideen Suhail Mohamed


From Srilanka, Suhail can always be found in our main showroom in charge of the accounts and administration. He has been in Qatar since 2018 and still needs to discover the world of diving.



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