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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently asked Questions- FAQ’S

Equipment? During the courses or experience all scuba diving equipment will be supplied. All equipment is cleaned and sanitized as per DAN standard

Transportation? Unfortunately transportation to Sealine is not included.

Dive Sites? Check out all the Qatar dive sitesĀ  here.

Do I need a 4×4 car? Yes, but we can still help you to get to the dive site if you don’t have one, all you need to do is arrive at our shop in Sealine.

What do I need to Bring? Yourself, swimming clothes, protective clothing, towels, and sun protection if you have sensitive skin.

Do I need to bring food? Yes you can but it is not necessary, we recommend having a good breakfast and only bringing some snacks with you.

Water? We provide water and juice while on the beach

Can I change the schedule? The schedule was designed to fit the majority of people in Qatar, and if it does not fit your schedule you can ask about the private sessions.

What if I didn’t show up? We will be sad not to see you, and there will be some cancelation fees, your spot was reserved for you and we asked others to wait till you finish your course.

What should I do the night before? Sleep enough, eat well and avoid having a hangover, and stay hydrated.

Are there any facilities on the beach? No

Is there any Jellyfish? Yes only during the summer session and not all the time, and they are easily avoidable by wearing a protective layer of clothing

Can I fly after diving? No, you have to wait 18 hours before you can fly

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