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In diving you spend lots of time with a variety of people and they are all different types of divers. Have you wondered what type of diver you are?  Read the description of the types of divers we know and see which one fits you. Of course this is a fun description given through exaggeration and equal amounts of truth. Don’t take it too seriously it’s the variety that makes diving fun and such a great social activity.

 The Photographer

Before each dive you spend hours in preparing your set up, adjusting and polishing and of course admiring your expensive photographic, the excitement building up inside of the possible shots. You know you will see almost nothing of your dive but that’s okay because later on when you are processing all the pictures you will enjoy your dive! You will always be the last one during a dive and everyone else will be waiting for you, but getting the right angle of a nudibranch is everything.

                       Smile for the photo

The Nature Lover

You find everything you see underwater endlessly amazing! You have to know all the kinds of fish that has crossed your path.  You have fish identification books in your library and have specialties like Dive against debris and Ecodiver. Being Eco -friendly is very important to you and reef and marine protection is as well. You will also always try and arrange reef and beach cleanups.

The Swimmer

You believe that the entire dive site and ocean floor needs to be discovered in 40 min. Sometimes you experience leg cramps and most of the time you run of air way before everyone else.

The Tec Diver

You are probably one of the few that still enjoys the dive tables and calculating NDL, SAC rates.  You are only happy when you have at least 3 to 5 bottles on you. Diving is a very serious business and why not after all?  You always have back up equipment of everything, so no one around you stress because they know that you got there back. And of course at heart you are a Deep diver.

Sidemount Tec Diver

           The deeper the better

The Deep Diver

If it’s not deep it’s not worth it. No fish or any kind of living thing? Does not matter. The important thing is that you got to go to 40m. Besides how else are you going to show a picture of your dive computer showing 40 tomorrow on the social media? During any shallow dives your only thought is; why did I not bring a shovel to get some depth? No nitrogen narcosis or deco stop? Where is the meaning in life then?

The Fashion Icon

If your mask and fins don’t match it is a good enough for you to stop diving immediately. Colors gives life and you have to make sure that the color you choose compliments your body, skin and eye color.  Your dive computer has to change its strap color depending on the color of your outfit. And all pictures needs to be- Instagram worthy.

                         Yellow, Pink or black?

The Newbie

You just of certified and not yet sure about that is going on half the time. You and your buddy stick close to the dive master or instructor on each dive still trying to identify some of the creatures you see. And you are still discovering the world of diving and all it has to offer.

The Turtle

You have the world’s time under the water and can spend 10-30 minutes looking at one rock. You are always last and most of the time everyone waits for you. You enjoy taking in the dive at a slow chilled pace.

                          Look so pretty

The Old Timer

You have been diving for a very long time, still with the same gear you bought during their Open Water Course. Off course you can afford all the brand new equipment but it’s sentimental to you.

The Sidemount Diver

Running out of Air is the last thing you want to stress about and you enjoy having very long dives.

Read more about sidemount diving.

                       More tanks= happiness

Old School Diver

You started diving when basically no one knew anything about diving and you started everything. If it weren’t for you we would have never been able to come close to diving. You have broken every rule there is, simply because there were no rules then.

The Wannabe Brand Ambassadors

You are extremely brand loyal and will never buy anything else than the one you love.

The Collector

You are basically a Master Scuba diver or you have more than 5 Specialties.  You have all the equipment the shop has even the funny thing no one is sure what is for.


So did you find yourself? 

Do you know any of these types of divers?

And did me miss any type of diver?

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